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Book Review: LET IT SNOW

Poised at the Edge Book Review


The YA Dream Team

John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle


                LET IT SNOW tells three separate yet interconnected tales of a Christmas Eve snowstorm transforms one small town into a romantic winter wonderland (well sort of.)  Each of these three phenomenally talented writers brings their own special flair for wit and language to the party.  The common theme that threads throughout is love, love, love.

                Maureen Johnson’s JUBILEE EXPRESS tells the story of a girl who thought she had the perfect boyfriend, and wanted to have the perfect Christmas.  But of course everything gets completely thrown off kilter.  Instead of attending her beau’s extravagant Christmas gala, Jubilee finds herself heading off on a train to Florida to spend Christmas with her grandparents.  Meanwhile her parents are languishing in a jail cell for being participants in an altercation involving Flobie Village (limited edition, miniature Christmas decorations) items that makes national news.

                The only thing that could make this Christmas Eve worse is that Jubilee’s train has a gaggle of gregarious cheerleaders on it.  But a snowstorm causes her train to be stuck in a place called Gracetown.    Jubilee makes her way across the frozen highway to a remote Waffle House, where she accidently meets someone who might be the love of her life.

                John Green’s CHEERTASTIC CHRISTMAS MIRACLE takes us into the same waffle house, with (Lord help us all) the same gaggle of obnoxious cheerleaders.  Fortunately they are not the main characters.  The real stars of the story are Tobin and The Duke.  Tobin, JP, and The Duke are at home having a James Bond Film-Fest when they receive an urgent phone call from their eccentric friend Kuen, who works up at the Waffle House.  He wants JP and Tobin (The Duke is a girl) to come to the Waffle House quickly, bearing a game of Twister.  He’s got a group of uber-hot, snowed in, cheerleaders to entertain.

                So the three of them set out in blizzard conditions on a strange and tumultuous journey to bring Twister to some cheerleaders.  But they are not the only ones on this quest.  They find themselves being accosted by sociopathic brothers who are on the same mission.  They trudge through miles of snow, because their car breaks down.  Finally Tobin and The Duke fond true love, that was right in front of them all along.

                Lauren Myracle’s PATRON SAINT OF PIGS tells Addie’s story.  Addie, a Starbuck’s barista, who has just gone through a regrettable break-up with her beloved (yet stoic) boyfriend Jeb (who readers first met on Jubilee’s train.)   Addie had a weak moment where she was unfaithful to him because she felt insecure.  Even her two best friends keep telling her that she has an ugly habit of making things all about her.  Addie is determined to prove them wrong.  So she decides to leave her crack of dawn shift at Starbucks, to pick-up a tea-cup sized pig for her pig lovin’ best friend.

                Of course everything that can go wrong does.  Addie gets stuck on a monster quest to find the little pig that Pet World was supposed to be holding for her best friend Teagan.  Unfortunately the pig was snagged by an old lady, who might be crazy or might be a Christmas angel (sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.)  Don’t be too worried; happy endings are had by all.




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