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Book Review:Good as Lily

Poised at the Edge
Book Review
Good as Lily
Derek Kirk Kim& Jesse Hamm

On her eighteenth birthday, Grace Kwon stumbles upon some strange magic. While trying to assess who she is, and where her life is heading, she finds herself confronted by three versions of herself: the six-year-old Grace, the twenty-nine year-old Grace, and the seventy year old version. At first what ensues is some crazy comedy. Grace needs to hide all the Graces from her parents. Plus they keep showing up at her play rehearsals, talking to her friends and teachers, and generally wreaking havoc.
Soon the twenty-nine year-old Grace is flirting with Grace’s very attractive drama teacher. How can this be happening? The situation becomes direr when funding is cut, and Grace’s school play is cancelled. Now twenty-nine year-old Grace (posing as Aunt Shana) is spearheading a campaign to save the play. Grace is beside herself dealing with her whiny six-year-old incarnation, and her whiskey drinking, cigarette smoking, TV addicted seventy year old self.
On the surface Good as Lily appears to be light comedic story. But as the tale unfolds we see that the other Graces are there to illuminate her future, and heal deep old wounds. The story ends up having tremendous depth and value. Thematically it touches on life and death, seeing what’s really in front of you, and how choices shape your life.
Good as Lily is a new graphic novel out on Minx, the same people who brought us Plain Janes (Cecil Castellucci, Jim Rugg.) Once more, we see a graphic a novel with as much thought and story as a standard novel. Bravo!

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